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Upcoming Courses for 2024 
Protective Behaviours Principles & Strategies course:
   1) 7th, 21st & 28th February Virtual 9.30-1pm
    2) 3rd June -Virtual 10-4pm
    3) 8th July - Oxford area 10-4pm
    4) 28th November - South Bucks area 10-4pm
    Cost £160 pp
Protective Behaviours into Practice course:
    1) 18th March Oxford 10-4pm
    2) 27th March virtual 9.30-3pm
    3) 10th June virtual 10-4pm
    4) 15th July Oxford area 10-4pm
    5) 16th October virtual 10-4pm
    6) 5th December south bucks 10 -4pm
   Cost £160 pp
Foundation level courses:
  1) 11th & 18th March  Oxford Area 10-4pm
  2) 7th & 8th May  Berkshire 10-4pm
  3) 10th & 11th September Bucks 10-4pm
   Cost £280 pp

Group project assembly
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