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Emotionally-Based school avoidance.

EBSA is a growing concern for many schools, but our program is here to help. We provide direct intervention and support for young people and schools facing this issue. With decreasing services and increasing waiting lists, our program is a great option to help your school address this problem head-on.

A report by the National Association of Head Teachers reported in 2016 that 1 in 5 children suffer mental health problems before the age of 11. In January 2018, The Prince’s Trust identified low self-confidence as one of three major concerns (together with political upheaval and job worries) from a UK-wide study that leaves young people anxious and daunted by life.

Emotionally-based school avoidance, EBSA, is a term referring to reduced or non-attendance at school by a child or young person.

Rather than the term 'school refusal' the term EBSA recognises that this avoidance has its root in emotional, mental health or well-being issues. 

The 2022 Attendance Audit from the Children's Commissioner found that in Autumn 2021, 1 in 4 children were persistently absent. In 2018-2019, this figure was 1 in 9- meaning that persistent absence has more than doubled in this period of time.

We are proud to be changing the culture of Mental Health. We are committed to improving the mental health and wellbeing of children and young adults in schools and colleges. Schools can play a vital role in supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of children to build resilience, while colleges want to prepare young people for future working life by building self-confidence and the ability to deal with stress and anxiety. With growing demand and more complex situations to deal with, limited access to resources can mean meeting this challenge is difficult.

To help schools and colleges fill this gap in provision and support all children and young people, including those who are seen as more vulnerable, Safer Together  has responded to this important issue by developing a programme to educate, build resilience and gain strategies to enable individuals to reach their potential 



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