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Safer Together©

At Safer Together©, we believe that everyone has the right to feel safe. We provide protective behaviours training, consultancy and programmes for organisations, children and young people. Our practical, innovative and creative approach helps to equip children and young people with the skills to know when they don't feel safe and to have strategies to take action to help them feel safe again.

Our aim is to open up conversations around feeling safe, to empower young people and adults, and to ensure that everyone lives in an environment where everyone is respected and feels safe.

Our Mission

At Safer Together© we are passionate about people and their potentials. We work with individuals, teams and whole organisations to provide flexible , high quality , cost effective training to meet your needs. 

What we do 

We offer training courses for professionals and volunteers directly supporting children, young people and vulnerable adults.

We have training courses for young people.

We have a primary school programme,

a secondary school level programme 

and programmes for young people and professionals.

Recent News

We understand that wellbeing is critical for secondary school students to thrive, and that's why we offer a program tailored to their unique needs. Our EBSA program is delivered directly into schools, providing students with the support and strategies they need to identify and manage mental health difficulties, build resilience, and improve school attendance. With our expert guidance, students can reach their full potential and enjoy greater success in their academic and personal lives.

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Our Partnerships

  • Work within the Thames Valley is in partnership with SAFE! charity to provide protective behaviours training to professionals

  • All of our accredited courses are fully quality assured by the Protective Behaviours Consortium.

NB Safer Together© DOES  provide PB training and other services beyond the Thames Valley.

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