Extenders 90/110 for InBetween Outdoor Panel (2 pieces)

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Product code 18INBE0-IGED9980BEK

The InBetween Outdoor Panel Extender is a practical and flexible solution to  enable your existing InBetween Outdoor Panel to be placed between high tables and cocktail tables on your terrace. This allows you to customize the standard Outdoor Panel for terrace tables with a height of 90 or 110 cm.

The Extender is a weatherproof powdercoated tube in the same colour as the frame of the InBetween Outdoor Panel, which does not detract from the design of the unit. With this expansion, you can offer all your guests a pleasant and safer stay on your terrace.

This extender comes per size in a set of 2 pieces.


  • Expansion on the InBetween Outdoor Panel
  • Suitable for 90 cm or 110 cm high terrace tables
  • Easy to apply in existing space and layout
  • Even more flexibility in setup
  • Weatherproof and stable
  • High-quality finish
  • Set of 2 pieces


Extender 90
Length of the extender: 20 cm (effective 15 cm)

(Realizable) total height panel: 160 cm

Extender 110
Length of the extender: 40 cm (effective 35 cm)
(Realizable) total height panel: 180 cm

One package InBetween Outdoor Panel Extenders contains 2 pieces. Your order will be delivered free of charge within a few days*

*Delivery charges may apply depending on Country or Region

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